The future of indoor GPS powered by Forkbeard Basic and Advanced

Forkbeard Basic

Built for speed and affordability.
Deploy Forkbeard Basic to start generating actionable insights and improving your customer’s experiences indoors already today.

  • Proximity data between devices
  • Updates within minutes
  • Analytics API
  • Infrastructure-light
  • Wireless hardware

Forkbeard Advanced

Built for accuracy and reliability.
Upgrade to Forkbeard Advanced for a
state-of-the-art indoor positioning system that powers the use cases and insights of tomorrow.

Everything in Forkbeard Basic, plus:

  • Position data of devices
  • Real-time data stream
Forkbeard Basic Forkbeard Advanced
Advanced Data
Zone presence
Proximity data between devices
Device position (XY) within zone
Advanced Update Frequency
Advanced Data Integration
Analytics API (post-processed data access)
Real-time position data stream
Analytics Dashboard Add-on
3rd Party data integration Add-on
In-app integration Add-on
Maps integration Add-on
Wireless battery-powered beacons
Mains-powered gateways Optional

Compatible with different phones and tags to power your use case


Wristband Tags

Asset Tracking Tags