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Join our ecosystem

Forkbeard Technologies is the company behind the Forkbeard platform. We license our IP, designs, and software to our partners to incorporate into their indoor positioning related products and services. There are many ways we can help.

We wish to foster a collaborative eco-system of Forkbeard solution partners from different industries, market verticals, and value-added positions. We welcome your inquiries about how you can contribute.

App developers – easy integration

Phone-FUEL™ SDK is an easy to use software development kit (SDK) that is deployable on all major smart-device operating systems (iOS, Android and more) that enables the positioning of smart mobile devices. As a cloud-executed positioning service, after Phone-FUEL™ initialization, the mobile smart-device positioning operates independently of the local network availability. In addition, Phone-FUEL™ works in app background mode, ensuring low processing demands and battery consumption. Because it runs in the background, accurate positioning data is delivered even when the screen is off or the device is in a pocket or covered by a piece of clothing. The proprietary Fast Ultrasound Echo Location “FUEL”™ technology uses a particular, high-resolution technique that leverages the unique and powerful acoustic reflections only delivered through ultrasound.

Want to use it in your app? Contact us here.

Mobile device manufacturers – Forkbeard device compatibility program

Forkbeard uses industry-standard mobile device technologies, and is thus compatible with the vast majority of consumer smartphone available. Forkbeard and its partners go the extra mile, however, to make sure that professional mobile devices are compatible as well. At present, we have established compatibility programs with Ascom, Honeywell, Spectralink, and Zebra.

Want to make sure your mobile device product is compatible? Contact us here.

Indoor positioning infrastructure and solution providers

Want to enhance your infrastructure products with centimeter-level positioning-accuracy capabilities? We might be able to assist. Forkbeard Technologies licenses hardware designs and software that enable easy integration. Through our Forkbeard Cloud platform, we take the sting out of deploying and managing a reliable indoor positioning service.

Order Demo-Kit

Get your hands on a Demo-Kit, and start testing a market leading indoor positioning system today.

You can start testing our cutting-edge technology by ordering a Demo-Kit in a few simple steps.

  • Follow this link to our Portal page.
  • Register.
  • Navigate to Order Demo-Kit and follow the instructions

The Demo-Kit contains all the necessary components needed to set up an indoor positioning system at your location.