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Explore the possibilities of accurate indoor positioning

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People spend more than 80% percent of their time and money indoors

We spend billions of hours yearly searching for people and items indoors. Being able to pinpoint a person or item´s position or to guide and analyze indoor movement opens a vast untapped potential for applications, services and new revenue streams.

Man shopping in grocery store using his smartphone.


With Forkbeard’s reliable location accuracy to cm-level and sub-second latency, retailers can simplify the shopping experience and develop insights into how customers move when in the store.

Use of Forkbeard-enabled smart devices for staff and in-house/storage room operations further improves efficiency and the bottom line.

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Smart buildings

With Forkbeard’s sub-second latency, cm-level and >99.9% room-level accuracy, “indoor positioning” takes on a new meaning compared with other indoor positioning technologies based on radio-waves, such as Bluetooth®, WiFi, and RFID, that cannot recognize a wall or window and thus cannot distinguish one room from an adjoining one.

Whether carrying out automated smartphone location-based event-driven workflow, safety or security applications, presence-driven automated environment settings, or just simple indoor navigation or triggering point-of-interest information, Forkbeard’s technology enhances the usability, performance and user experience, and, consequently, return on investment.

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Healthcare facilities

“A 95% room-level accuracy or multi-second signal latency doesn’t cut it,” a seasoned hospital manager said, adding, “You might be able to deliver a few select wayfinding and asset tracking use cases with such an accuracy performance, but it is not good enough for the many event-driven workflows, patient-flow and safety applications around here.” His insights are shared across hundreds of hospitals where indoor positioning technologies are deployed for use-cases such as Nursecall, Duress alerts, Staff-to-patient introductions displays, Patient self-rooming in clinics, location supported Alert and Call-routing to nurses and doctors, Hand-hygiene compliance, and many others.

The proliferation of both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as a tool for caregivers makes Forkbeard the natural indoor positioning technology in healthcare facilities, which can then also be used to support patient-facing applications such as wayfinding and self-rooming to drive even higher returns from the indoor positioning technology investment.

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Female employee in front of boxes inside a warehouse checking a tablet.

Warehouses and distribution centers

Whether optimizing workflows and adding real-time visibility, automating staff safety measures or increasing inventory receiving/put-away and picking/fulfillment/shipping accuracy, Forkbeard’s smart-device-integrated positioning with reliable cm-level accuracy and sub-second latency can be a boon to your operations.

Forkbeard’s technology is compatible with professional smart devices from industry leaders such as Honeywell, Zebra, and Spectralink.

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