Forkbeard™ to Demonstrate its Game-Changing, Smart Device

Indoor Positioning Technology

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

February 25 – 28, 2019

Game-changing ultrasound/BLE smartphone indoor-positioning technology platform by Sonitor spinout, Forkbeard Technologies AS, achieves centimeter and room-level location accuracy.

OSLO, Norway – (February 20, 2019) – Forkbeard Technologies AS will be demonstrating the industry’s first and only, ultrasound/BLE-based, indoor positioning platform for smartphones and other mobile devices, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 25 – 28.

“Building on Sonitor’s® unique and proprietary ultrasound-based indoor positioning technology, the Forkbeard technology platform provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability in software-enabled positioning of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices running on Android and iOS operating systems”, said Wilfred Booij, Ph.D., CEO of Forkbeard Technologies AS. “The ability to leverage the existing capabilities of billions of smart devices already on the market enables rapid adoption across multiple market verticals.”

Accurate distance measurement lies at the foundation of Forkbeard’s uniquely efficient indoor positioning technology.  Combining industry standard, audio and Bluetooth® technology, Forkbeard’s accuracy performance is near 100 times better than that of Bluetooth beacon technology alone. Furthermore, since ultrasound does not penetrate walls, windows, ceilings or floors, the Forkbeard technology provides 100% room-level accuracy, which no other real-time, smart device positioning technology can do.

Forkbeard combines low-latency, high location accuracy performance with the ease of installation of a battery powered infrastructure. The cloud supervised Forkbeard technology platform offers flexible and reliable positioning data integration through a collaborative partner eco-system. Forkbeard’s wireless technology will be offered to the market through attractive subscription models supporting product, OEM and technology licensing.

The Mobile World Congress marks Forkbeard’s first appearance since Sonitor Technologies AS announced the establishment of Sonitor IPS Holding AS, creating two subsidiaries, Forkbeard Technologies AS and Sonitor Technologies AS. Forkbeard will focus on the development of platform technologies for cloud-based, indoor positioning of mobile devices. Sonitor Technologies will continue to focus on the commercialization and expansion of the market leading Sonitor Sense™ platform and partner in the commercialization of the Forkbeard technology platform in healthcare and other markets.    

“We believe that spinning off the Forkbeard smart device indoor positioning platform into a new business will allow us to take the technology rapidly mainstream in a market that analysts project to grow from less than $10 billion annually today to approximately $40 billion by 2023*,” said Knut Sandven, Chairman of the Board of Forkbeard Technologies AS.

Forkbeard technology will be demonstrated live at the Mobile World Congress (MWC19- Hall 7) in Barcelona, February 25-28, 2019. (Stand #7J61 in the Innovation Norway Pavilion)


* “Markets and Markets” and “Research and Markets”

The Forkbeard story: From Viking kings to Indoor Positioning

Viking King Harald Blåtann (also known as King Bluetooth) ruled Norway and Denmark in late 900 A.D.  King Bluetooth was an exceptional leader, known for connecting people and cultures, and over 1000 years later inspired the naming of the Bluetooth technology by Ericsson, a technology that enables the exchange of wireless data.

In 986 A.D. Sweyn Forkbeard, King Bluetooth’s son, known for his navigational expertise, revolted against his father and became his successor. King Forkbeard also ruled as the first Viking king of England.

As with the power of kings, technology evolves. The Forkbeard technology represents a new paradigm for efficient wireless connectivity and accurate indoor positioning of mobile iOS or Android smart-devices, dramatically improving the accuracy performance compared to a BLE-only positioning technology. The patented Forkbeard technology combines the capability of Bluetooth (BLE) with the proven superior accuracy performance of our ultrasound location technology. Forkbeard delivers exceptional indoor positioning technology value.


Terry Aasen, SVP Business Development and Alliances, Forkbeard Technologies AS,

Forkbeard Technologies AS, Drammensveien 288, 0283 Oslo, Norway