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Using technology to respond to pandemic situations quickly and effectively

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Saving lives, time and resources

Experiences from several countries show how smartphone-based contact tracing dramatically accelerates the tracing process. Manual processes currently carried out by health workers to filter out false positives and false negatives, notify potentially infected individuals and collect potentially lifesaving knowledge, need to be replaced by more effective and less resource-intensive solutions.

By employing Forkbeard’s technology, public authorities and businesses can dramatically speed up and improve the tracing process, making it the most efficient tool for rapid COVID-19 tracing and containment.

Always working

Traces contacts when in background and with screen off on all smartphones, without draining the battery.

Data privacy compliant

Data privacy options with user in control complying with GDPR and other data regimes.

Distance accuracy

Accurate distance measurements with sub-second intervals.

Image of people, illustrating smartphone range for covid-19 tracing and interaction.

How it works

  • User downloads app from App Store / Google Play
  • App asks for phone number and forwards this with a randomly generated ID to secure cloud based on an escrow principle
  • User ownership of phone number is confirmed with a confirmation code
  • Contact tracing starts
  • Contact event occurs
  • Users receive notifications

Businessman sitting on subway train checking his smartphone.

User in full control of data privacy

  • Data privacy options complying with GDPR and other data privacy regimes
  • User kept in-the-loop, ensuring personal control over what is shared
  • User is allowed insight into stored data
  • User can delete his/her data at any time
  • Data automatically deleted after 30 days

Security and data storage

  • Secure temporary data storage (escrow principle)
  • Contact events are stored in secure Forkbeard cloud
  • Phone IDs are encrypted and randomized every 15 minutes (or at any other selected interval)

SDK main features

  • Works on all smartphones (Android and iOS)
  • Runs in foreground, background and when screen off with sub-second detection intervals
  • Accurate and reliable distance data
  • Standalone SDK requiring no network or disk use
  • Can easily be integrated into any app
  • Requires only Bluetooth® and location permissions
  • Low battery consumption
  • Optional: GPS-based location data stream (user or country setting)
  • Optional: Decentralized solution (phone-based data storage only)

Proven technology

Forkbeard SDK, combined with our patented Phone-FUEL™ (Fast Ultrasound Echo Location) technology, has been used in real-time location systems in US healthcare facilities for more than 20 years through our sister company Sonitor.

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