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Published: 02.12.2020

1 Minute Elevator Pitch  –  Forkbeard’s Indoor Positioning Solution

The compounding of performance, cost, sustainability and scalability makes Forkbeard‘s technology unrivalled for indoor positioning. This would be the elevator pitch summed up in one sentence. However, since we still have 50 seconds left, let us explain why. The Problem Most indoor positioning technologies/companies and professional athletes have one thing in common: they tend to […]

Published: 25.11.2020

Hello, Forkbeard: Meet Eirik!

Eirik, who are you? In short: Born in Lørenskog but moved to Gjøvik when I started in primary school, so that’s where I grew up and spent most of my childhood. I moved to Oslo to start my bachelor, and later MSc degree. During the MSc I had the pleasure of doing an exchange semester […]

Published: 18.11.2020

Where is the Google Maps for Indoors? Part 2: The Technologies

In Part 1 we explored the requirements for a technology that could be used to build the indoor Google Maps. By analysing what made other navigation solutions (GPS and search engines) successful, we were able to identify eight dimensions ranging from accuracy, to cost and scalability. This blog post will evaluate the technological contenders against each other […]

Published: 04.11.2020

Where is the Google Maps for Indoors? Part 1 – The Requirements

We have managed to figure out how to build airplanes and how to fly. We have invented the internet and can communicate with people on the other side of the world. We have even launched satellites and rockets into space and are thinking about colonising Mars. But despite spending almost 90% of our time indoors […]

Published: 20.10.2020

The Mr. Beacon Podcast: The origin & technology of Forkbeard

Forkbeard’s CTO Wilfred Booij was recently interviewed on the Mr. Beacon Podcast about the company’s origin and ultrasound indoor positioning technology. From dining with Stephen Hawking during his PhD at Cambridge to Forkbeard’s technology bringing the GPS revolution indoors, the topics were wide ranging. Below you will find a summary of the key questions posed […]