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Published: 31.08.2022

The Ultimate Guide To The Future Of Work

In 2020 most knowledge work shifted to the home office due to the pandemic. What seemeda radical shift at the time, has historically been our default way of work. Priorto the industrial revolution and mass manufacturing, most jobs were all done inthe confines of our own homes. Now, companies around the world, big and small, […]

Published: 23.08.2022

Enhancing the co-working experience with indoor navigation – A Rebel Case Study

Co-working – The rise of a new work style Co-working had a substantial rise in popularity in the last few years. Between 2011 and 2021, the total number of co-working spaces grew by approximately 27x, from 700 to 19,345. Apart from cool Silicon Valley-inspired designs and free snacks, researchers have found tangible benefits for this […]

Published: 17.08.2022

6 Best Practices for your IP Strategy

According to Copperpod, patent troll cases have increased by 500 percent in the US over the past ten years. The average patent litigation process costs between $2.3m to $4m and lasts 1 to 3 years. To avoid costly patent fights, your IP strategy mustn’t fall behind your corporate strategy. Being a deep-tech company that spends […]

Published: 02.08.2022

What science is telling us about remote work

Remote, in-office, or hybrid? Over six months in 2020, researchers have analyzed the impact of the Covid-related remote work policy on the collaboration and communication of over 61,000 US-based Microsoft employees. Here is what they have found. Remote work and collaboration Change in collaboration During the study, researchers measured the number of hours Microsoft employees […]

Published: 08.06.2022

Top 3 uses of indoor positioning data in manufacturing

With advanced technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, analytics and AI manufacturers are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. While the amount of data available to businesses has exponentially grown, it has been mostly limited to software businesses such as ecommerce. Physical manufacturers remain to struggle with missing data or misused […]

Published: 02.06.2022

Meet Forkbearder Palle

Welcome to the team Palle! Can you give a brief intro to yourself? Hi, I’m Palle and the Chief Commercial Officer at Forkbeard. Born and raised in Asker, Norway and where we live with our two teenage kids and our dog. I have also spent 7 years in Chicago studying and starting out my career […]

Published: 11.05.2022

How social distance monitoring supported a safe Eurovision Song Contest during the pandemic TechnologyProximity IndustryEvents Use caseSocial Distance Monitoring, Safety In 2021 Forkbeard and its partners helped to monitor social distancing at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), as well as provide interaction data for Fieldlab’s research purposes. Technology deployment at a glance The situation The […]

Published: 04.05.2022

Meet Forkbearder Elisabeth

Welcome to the team Elisabeth! Can you give a brief intro to yourself? Hi, I am Elisabeth and the Executive Assistant at Forkbeard/Sonitor. I was born and raised in Oslo, and apart from a year in Denmark, this is where I have lived since. Now I am well established at Oppsal with my 6 year […]

Published: 27.04.2022

Closing the data gap between in-store and digital retail

Forkbeard helps physical retailers to better understand their customers’ preferences and subsequently optimize stores through granular insights, levelling the playing field between physical and online retailers. Physical retail, from Goliath to David Over the past two decades we have seen physical retail change from Goliath to David. Pre-pandemic grocery stores were the last major category […]

Published: 20.04.2022

Meet Forkbearder Henrik

Welcome to the team Henrik! Can you give a brief intro to yourself? Hi, I am Henrik a Customer Success Engineer at Forkbeard. I’ve been born in Japan and only a few months old we moved to South Korea for a few years before heading back to Norway. Just a few years later we decided […]