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Published: 25.02.2021

Forkbeard. The name & its meaning

“Forkbeard” does not fall into the modern trend of descriptive company names like “Shopify” or “Deliveroo”. We are used to getting a lot of questions about what the name means. Hence, we wanted to spend a few minutes giving you the context to our company name. As you will see, it is rich in meaning […]

Published: 23.02.2021

AirTags (3/3). Limitations

Underlying Apple’s upcoming AirTag product is the powerful concept of the Digital Twin. The concept unlocks many powerful B2B use cases beyond the original one which is retrieving lost items. We have written about this in our two previous posts on the AirTag series which you can find here (Digital Twin concept) and here (Digital Twin use cases). To conclude our series on AirTags, we would like to point […]

Published: 18.02.2021

Fighting Covid-19 on Campus with Forkbeard’s Technology

We have written previously about the necessity of bringing students back on campus, as well as the most common measures used by universities (here, if you missed it). This time we would like to outline how Forkbeard’s technology can be used to aid the process. To do that we first explain Forkbeard’s technology, more specifically the Proximity Monitor app. Afterwards, we dive into […]

Published: 16.02.2021

AirTags (2/3). 5 Use Cases Beyond Lost & Found

In the last blog post we discussed how the concept underlying Apple’s upcoming AirTag is much more powerful than the actual product itself. This is why we believe that the AirTag’s initial use case of retrieving consumer items is only the tip of the iceberg. The true value creation will take place in the B2B […]

Published: 09.02.2021

AirTags (1/3). A concept more powerful than the product will ever be

This article will feel like a déjà-vu if you have seen Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report. However, don’t worry, Apple will not kick-off a dystopia in which we can see our future play out on a screen. Quite the opposite actually. The concept underlying Apple’s AirTags, which we will call ‘Digital Twin’, will enable us to […]

Published: 04.02.2021

Donut App. Virtual Coffees During Pandemics

Any large-scale human cooperation […] is rooted in common myths that exist only in people’s collective imagination. Yuval Harari (Sapiens) As Yuval Harari wrote in his best-selling book Sapiens, companies exist because of a strong common belief across many individuals. This is especially true for startups. Defying the seemingly unsurmountable odds of building a successful […]

Published: 26.01.2021

Evaluating Universities’ Pandemic Response Measures

With many universities feeling the financial burden of having vacant real estate and students postponing their education, we have evaluated measures that universities are taking or could consider to reopen safely for in-person classes. Background One would think that with today’s technology, studying physically at a university campus is merely a nice-to-have for students and […]

Published: 19.01.2021

The Future of Home Services Enabled by Indoor Positioning

An article about Jobber’s IPO this year got us thinking. Can indoor positioning enable the future of home services? Our answer might be visionary, but it is a clear YES. So lets’s briefly review what the home services industry is and what Jobber does, before we dive into envision a futuristic experience for home services. Home Services Industry […]

Published: 14.01.2021

Hello, Forkbeard: Meet Karsten!

Karsten, who are you? I am a Senior Engineer at Forkbeard.  What did you do before you started working at Forkbeard and how does this experience benefit your current role?  I worked at Sonitor, the mother company, before joining Forkbeard. I did hardware development and production engineering at Sonitor and do the same now at Forkbeard.  What drew […]

Published: 12.01.2021

10 Things to do with pandemic tech post-pandemic

With many prominent thinkers, e.g. Yuval Harari, highlighting the potential negative use cases of pandemic technologies post-Covid-19, some of our customers are thinking about the potential positive ones.   Having developed Proximity Monitor, a contact tracing and social distancing solution currently being deployed by EY, we often get asked the following question: “This is great for the pandemic, but what am I supposed to do with the solution afterwards?”   Fortunately, other clients offer us […]