Elevator Pitch  –  Forkbeard’s Pandemic Solution

With the second pandemic wave raging across the globe and a slow/selective vaccine rollout, it is still early days before we are back to business as usual. Having delivered Forkbeard’s pandemic solution to several of EY’s clients across hundreds of users, we continue to work hard on our Proximity Monitor App. This is the problem and our solution as of today.

The Problem

So far private and public institutions have been either setting up call centers or deploying pandemic technologies. With call centers being costly and slow, many governments initially attempted to develop their own contact tracing apps and technologies.

With iOS and Android restricting data collection of Apps when in background, many private solutions suffer from technological limitations. The most common ones are: low accuracy, no in-background and screen-off capabilities and lack of privacy protection.  

The iOS and Android restrictions led many governments to opt in for the Google & Apple solution. While the solution does not face the operating system challenges, it has limitations by design to protect privacy for tracing. For example, it requires self-declaration, a decentralised architecture and does not provide location insights. This does not only make contact tracing less effective, but also does not allow for any pandemic insights and mitigation.

However, potentially the biggest problem of all is that Google & Apple’s solution is only available for public institutions and governments. This leaves corporates and other private institutions with no functioning pandemic solution for this and future pandemics.

The Solution

Forkbeard has developed a working pandemic solution for corporates and private institutions  which it is currently making available through EY’s global advisory services. Clients can opt for social distancing, contact tracing or both. On top of that, clients can decide if they want to enrich the contact data with location insights through Forkbeard’s core indoor positioning solution. Below are the specs:

Now you might think that his comes at a heavy price tag. Here we have some more good news for you. If you can afford to provide coffee to your employees, you’ll certainly be able to keep them safe with our Proximity Monitor App.

The Secret / The Team

What do we know that nobody else does? Simply put, we had somewhat of a head start. Contact tracing and social distancing Apps are based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology. And we spent longer than most others working on another problem (indoor positioning) that requires deep knowledge of this technology. Forkbeard is the brain child of Sonitor engineers who have spend 20+ years developing indoor positioning systems for healthcare and pandemic management.

Seems too good to be true? Contact us and well will make sure to demo you the capabilities of our contact tracing solution.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic and this article – discuss with us in the comments section on Medium!  


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