Elevator Pitch  –  Forkbeard’s Indoor Positioning Solution

The compounding of performance, cost, sustainability and scalability makes Forkbeard‘s technology unrivalled for indoor positioning. This would be the elevator pitch summed up in one sentence. However, since we still have 50 seconds left, let us explain why.

The Problem

Most indoor positioning technologies/companies and professional athletes have one thing in common: they tend to excel at one discipline only. Common indoor positioning technologies are either accurate (e.g. UWB), require little infrastructure (e.g. magnetic), support unlimited number of mobile devices (e.g. sound) or can be enabled with low cost infrastructure/beacons (e.g. BLE). You can have a look at our indoor positioning tech comparison for a detailed overview. These trade-offs and the lack of a general solution deter customers from deploying large scale indoor positioning use cases, as well as hinder the overall growth of the industry.

The Solution

Forkbeard has developed a technology which does not force you to make tradeoffs. You can get performance, cost, sustainability and scalability all at once. Below are the specs: 

The Secret / The Team

What is our secret? Well, probably that we just spent longer than most others working on this problem. Forkbeard is the brain child of Sonitor engineers who have spend 20+ years developing indoor positioning technology based on ultrasound and Bluetooth Low Energy technology. We have some great people relentlessly working on a problem they are truly passionate about.

Seems too good to be true? Contact us and well will make sure to demo you the capabilities of our positioning solution.

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