Meet Forkbearder Kristen

Welcome to the team Kristen! Can you give a brief intro to yourself?

Born and raised in Norway – I’m the 5th generation in my family from Oslo, bringing up (with great help from my partner in crime) the 6th gen. who consists of 2 lovely kids + a dog and 4 urban chickens, so day fresh eggs are my everyday luxury!

I’m a self-proclaimed tech and gadget enthusiast that just loves everything that does useful (and sometimes not so useful) things. Probably a bit too much time, than what my wife appreciate, is being spent looking for gadgets to improve, confuse or just excite my day to day work and living.

What did you do before you started working at Forkbeard and how does this experience benefit your current role? 

Prior to joining Forkbeard I’ve headed operations in different companies. As I started my career (a mere) 15 years ago, I have had the chance to experience a lot. Spanning from working in Scandinavian to international companies where I have headed operations across 2 continents, 5 countries and 7 cities.

Some of the experience I bring with me to Forkbeard is a genuine passion for operational excellence and a V12 engine to achieve it!

What drew you to Forkbeard?

I used to work in the same company as Ingvar (CEO) a couple of years back, and chance would have it so that we met again. At the time when Ingvar was newly appointed CEO, I was super curious about this new tech company emerging and his new role heading it.

During a meeting we discussed possibilities, needs and challenges that Forkbeard would meet going forward, and I was really hooked! Forkbeard was not mimicking someone else, they were building something completely new and solving real problems where the sky is the limit, so when I got offered the possibility to join Forkbeard, to help create scalability and take part in solving problems, I believe I actually said yes before even discussing terms and conditions…

What’s the best thing about working at Forkbeard?  

Where do I even begin to answer such a question!?

To start a bit politically correct, I must say it´s the mission! Forkbeard’s mission is one of the best things about working here! Why? Because it´s an ocean of possibilities associated with our mission “Bringing the GPS revolution indoors”. And together with a world-class team of colleagues you get the chance to discuss, test (&fail), and create solutions towards our mission, all of us with the same goal – create success, together!

Can it become any better than this?

From a more personal note, after having been a part of an enterprise organization for quite a few years, seeing, feeling and experiencing the agility and speed in Forkbeard is impressive! From problem to a solution you can hardly solve it any faster than we do. I believe this is achieved due to the good balance of work, fun and freedom of work. And I am not sure if I have mentioned the BBQ we quite often have on the beach just outside our office?

What does your typical day look like at Forkbeard?

A typical day in Forkbeard?? There is no such thing as a typical day!

Well, not entirely true – as there are some stand-up meetings that are scheduled. But for me, in operations, every day is more or less different. Spanning from doing site surveys for potential pilot clients, discussing with the team how to simplify some key areas that we (ok, sometimes only me then…) believe either takes much effort, time and/or is super boring to do repetitively. In addition, a lot of my time is spent on planning and executing installations together with clients and vendors.

Varied is how I would best describe a typical working day in Forkbeard!

How will Forkbeard help you with both your personal and professional development? 

Being part of the ramp-up and commercialization of a company like Forkbeard really let me make use of a lot of my earlier acquired skills in a totally new setting and combination.

What’s the coolest place you’ve traveled to?  

This is one is easy!! The pinnacle of my travel experiences I must say is watching one of the daily openings of Wagah Border (google it, and watch a YouTube video) just outside Lahore, Pakistan – and ending the day with some proper desi food at a rooftop restaurant viewing Lahore Fort.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? 

I am a social guy and I have over the years acquired a great interest in cooking! So, what is better than being surrounded by friends and family, while I use them as “guinea pigs” for new food dishes I have tried to reverse engineer after a spellbinding restaurant visit?

And finally, anything you’d like to say to the reader?

Stickers are just so 2019, we got our own figurine, come and join us Bringing the GPS revolution indoors!


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