Say Hi to The New Forkbeard Logo

As a part of the Forkbeard community, you might have noticed a change on our website and social media channels. Today, we want to formally launch and introduce our new Forkbeard logo.

Our old logo has been an important part of Forkbeard’s journey since the beginning. Nevertheless, change is an inevitable part of life. This change is more about evolving our logo with time rather than changing it for the sake of it.

Forkbeard is taking the GPS revolution indoors by offering a cost-effective technology that delivers 100% room-accuracy.  The idea behind the design of our new logo was to effectively communicate the essence of our novel technology. Offering centimeter-level accuracy which is needed to enable services and movement insights for the indoor environments.

We also wanted the logo to be scalable so that it can grow with the company, as well as express the endless possibilities of accurate indoor positioning with Forkbeard’s technology.

The logo combines Forkbeard’s initials with a map marker to showcase easy navigation and precision aspect. We kept the red color as it has been a prominent feature of our visual identity.

The logo change has been a first step towards strengthening our brand identity and our relationship with our customers. It was not an easy task and we decided to take our time to accurately depict our vision in a more refined manner.

Our message with this post is to introduce Forkbeard’s new logo and assure you that we are still the same company with a clearer and more consistent messaging.


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