Introducing Forkbeard Install

Forkbeard introduces the new “Forkbeard Install” app, enabling a more agile and scalable installation process.

Based on the patented Fast Ultrasound Echo Location technology (FUEL™), Forkbeard offers centimeter-level accuracy which is needed to enable useful services and movement insights in indoor environments. Forkbeard uses ultraBeacon as beacon devices in its technology platform.

In order to improve the manual installation process and ensure a scalable way of work, Forkbeard has introduced a new app called “Forkbeard Install”.

The Forkbeard operations team has witnessed multiple advantages of the new Forkbeard Install app. It offers a lean and agile installation process that has already helped them to realize 60% cost reduction, and we are working to make it even more cost-efficient.

The Forkbeard Install app is one step closer to bringing the GPS revolution indoors at a global level in terms of scalability and cost-efficiency which is not attainable with previous manual installation processes.

The challenge

The initial installation process required of high degree manual labor and was not scalable from a work scale perspective. A solution was needed to improve and reduce Forkbeard’s internal installation processes to be more agile and facilitate company growth. 

The process of placing the ultraBeacons, installation and reinstallation activities, and adjusting placements were manual, expensive, and highly time-consuming.


Forkbeard Install app offers customers an ´out of the box´ solution to do the installation themselves in a simple and cost-effective way. With the app, the goal is to reduce required assistance from Forkbeard as customers can easily set-up the installation by following the intuitive interface of the app and scanning the device.

With the smart mounting features and built-in intelligence of the ultraBeacon, Forkbeard can mount, configure and use them with high efficiency. Since it builds on industry-standard audio and Bluetooth® capabilities, the ultraBeacon is compatible with billions of mobile devices.

This technology has helped in achieving a 60% cost reduction with improved efficiency in the installation process. The entire operation can easily be handled using the mobile application which has reduced the manual efforts and complexity previously required. Forkbeard has teamed up with Visma as their installation partner in Norway to help them with the implementation process.

How it works

Once the floorplan is submitted to Forkbeard, it is uploaded and made available in the app, including algorithmic placed locations (points) to install the ultraBeacons.

It allows customers to select and move installation points and set desired height. By clicking on any existing point, customer can get information about the device type and its location. It will also alert the user in case of a missing device and offer option to remove existing points.

Forkbeard Install is the first step towards eliminating wasteful practices, improving efficiency while employing a secure installation process to take the GPS revolution indoors with a global reach.

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