Contact Tracing For Safe Physical Return to Work

Forkbeard’s contact tracing smartphone app with SAP Qualtrics will prepare organizations to ensure the safety of their employees during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The first hand-shake after the lockdown will be different for everyone. There will be no business as usual post-Covid-19 lockdown and organizations will have to make additional effort to manage health-risk for their safe physical return to the workplace. 

Businesses all over the world are suffering economic losses due to closures from Covid-19. Companies that have had Covid-19 outbreaks incurred substantial losses in personnel, public reputation and stock price. In order to reopen safely, organizations need a solution that can assist manual contact tracing for faster and more effective identification of contact events. 

Contact tracing can assist businesses in monitoring and managing Covid-19 outbreaks while they reopen their operations. It is the key to interrupting the continuous spread of infection and limiting the speed of the transmission while also alerting the potentially infected individuals to offer proper diagnosis and treatment. 

However, there are certain shortcomings of current solutions implemented for contact tracing, such as- 

  • Inaccurate distance data
  • Manual, costly and resource-intensive
  • Complex implementation process
  • Limited access

Forkbeard’s Smartphone Positioning 

Forkbeard Technologies, in partnership with EY and SAP, has come up with a unique and powerful smartphone tool to address the global Covid-19 threat. The solution optionally leverages the Qualtrics platform to handle customized surveys. 

The peer-to-peer smartphone app, known as back@work, offers detailed and real-time insights into contact interactions and can be analyzed extensively for preventive or reporting actions. This solution is designed in such a way that it can be remotely deployed globally. 

Forkbeard is known for its unique and proprietary ultrasound-based indoor positioning technology. This technology can also be used at workplaces to help organizations get their employees safely back to work using phone proximity solutions which can deliver centimeter-level location accuracy with sub-second latency. 

“Building on Sonitor’s® unique and proprietary ultrasound-based indoor positioning technology, the Forkbeard technology platform provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability in software-enabled positioning of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices running on Android and iOS operating systems” – Wilfred Booij, Ph.D., CTO of Forkbeard Technologies AS.

This contact tracing app is designed to keep users safe by making them aware about their aggregated contact and proximity with other individuals. The app extends manual contact tracing with an effective and less labour-intensive solution. 

What makes Forkbeard’s contact tracing solution unique?

Most smartphone apps around the world have proven to improve the tracing process, however, they fail to offer comprehensive results. The application developed by Forkbeard, in alliance with the EY & SAP, offers a complete contact tracing solution which is not limited to just exposure notification. 

  • The app works on all smartphones (Android and iOS) with minimum power consumption and is the only Bluetooth peer-to-peer contact tracing technology that works in the background or when the phone screen is off.
  • The app uses encryption to store users’ identifiable information and sets the stage for compliance with GDPR and other data privacy regimes. 

Time is of the essence for organizations to stay ahead in the challenging economy during Covid-19. EY has been working with Forkbeard Technologies to make this solution available for all their customers. EY also organized a webinar called “Workforce Resilience and Safe Physical Return”, with the Forkbeard’s product team as one of the panelists, to raise awareness about what organizations can do for a safe physical return of the workforce and continued business operations through the pandemic. 

Forkbeard’s innovative and efficient tool will allow employees to return to work without worrying about their health. It’s reliable and accurate distance measurements can significantly improve Covid-19 tracing process globally.

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Text by Sonal Mishra


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