Tremendous interest at Mobile World Congress

We can conclude that the industry recognizes the value of the unparalleled Forkbeard ultrasound-enabled location accuracy with 100% room-level accuracy and cm-level accuracy inside a room, and with down to sub-second latency. 

Two-thirds of respondents in a quick survey conducted at MWC prefer “room-level accuracy or cm-level accuracy within a room” over “centimeters or meters radius accuracy” without consideration of a wall or window within that radius that may separate two adjacent room locations.

It was a common theme among those that are currently deploying Bluetooth Low Energy and RF-based technologies for wayfinding and other RTLS (real-time location system) applications that the installation preparation and execution are cumbersome. At times also unpredictable due to variations in the interference dynamics at the installation sites. In addition to better accuracy, the ease and predictability of deployment of Forkbeard’s technology also sets it apart from Bluetooth Low Energy and other indoor positioning technologies. Forkbeard’s cloud-supervised, 5-year battery powered infrastructure makes deployment a breeze. No fingerprinting or time consuming calibrations are necessary. The exception is if the beacon infrastructure is already integrated into other fixed audio devices. This further simplifies deployment.

Four times more respondents in our quick survey preferred 5-year battery life over POE or plug-in powered beacons.

With billions of Forkbeard-compatible Android or iOS smart devices out there, we look forward to making Forkbeard the standard for accurate indoor positioning of smart devices. All you need is an app on the device.

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